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Brazilia Fazenda Canta Galo 1000g | Yellow Catuai | Natural


Tasting Notes: Dried fruits, Hazelnuts, Cocoa butter, Maple syrup

Brazilia Fazenda Guariroba 250g | Arara | Anaerobic Natural


Tasting Notes: Herbal, White grapes, Guava, Tangerine, Currant

Colombia Los Nogales 250g | Typica | 190h Lactic Fermentation Washed


Tasting Notes: Banana liqueur, Mango, Blackberry, Dark Cherry, Red plums

Columbia Las Gaviotas 250g | Pink Bourbon | Nitro Flush Maceration


Tasting Notes: Floral, Rose Hips, Tomato, Red Berries, Molasses

Ethiopia Limu 1000g | Heirloom | Washed


Tasting Notes: Floral, Sweet Citrus, Stone Fruits

Geisha Cascara 200g


The perfect jammy, sweet & spicy notes that reminds you of a delicious slice of pie your grandma used to make, all wrapped up in a warm, cozy flavour.