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Cascara Costa Rica Las Lajas 200g


TASTING NOTES: It has the perfect jammy, sweet&spicy notes that remind you of a slice of pie your grandma used to make, all wrapped up in a warm, cozy flavor.

Ander Hot Chocolate 200g


Hot chocolate with tasting notes such as green apple, molasses and dried fruits

Ciocolata calda Back to Origins 250G | Single Origin Medellin


Rich dark chocolate, with fruity tasting notes like plums and cherries

Meron Gift Card

20.00 61.00 

Give your loved one the ideal gift even if you don’t know exactly what he wants

Oatly 1L | Oat Milk | Barista Edition


The best oat drink for any barista, but also for those who want to become one at home.

Sproud 1L | Pea Milk | Barista Edition


The ideal alternative to use for coffee, cereal or to completely replace cow’s milk.