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Columbia Inmaculada 250g | Geisha | Natural


Tasting notes: orange blossom, raspberry, rose tea, dried cranberries and panela

Columbia Margaritas 250g | Red Bourbon | Natural Anaerobic


Freshly roasted coffee with violetes, blackberry, banana, mango and pineapple tasting notes

Columbia Buenos Aires 250g | Sidra | Natural


Freshly roasted coffee with honeysuckle, passion fruit, melon, tangerine orange and nectarine tasting notes

The discovery box


Be curious about your coffee cup and make a habit from tasting different coffee origins.

Brazilia Fazenda Guariroba 250g | Black Honey


Freshly roasted coffee with cedar, quince, white grapefruit and brown sugar tasting notes

Colombia Finca Julia Pink Bourbon 250g | Natural / Double Fermentation


Freshly roasted coffee with red plum, blood orange, figs and red currant tasting notes