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Workshop | Espresso Foundation for Home Baristas


Acest curs ne oferă oportunitatea de a învăța cum să preparăm acasă o cafea echilibrată și cu un aspect plăcut, precum cea din cafenele.

Workshop | Introduction into the World of Specialty Coffee


This workshop includes an illustrated story part (a journey from the coffee farm to the specialty coffee shop or the consumer’s cup) and a practical part – a guided cupping protocol through which 4-5 coffee origins are analyzed, pleasing us with a sensory experience.

Workshop | Latte Art for Home Baristas


This workshop gives you the opportunity to learn how to make a balanced and appealing coffee at home, like the one in the coffee shops.

Workshop | My journey into the World of Latte Art Championship


On August 25th, 2023, the first course held in Romania by Michalis Karagiannis will take place. Michalis Karagiannis works in