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Got any questions? Here are some answers that will help you. 

Where are you currently sourcing your coffee?

From all over the world, we chose to enrich the taste of Meron coffee with many variations from different regions: Rwanda, Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, Burundi, Kenya, Mexic, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica and many others. Learn more about our origins here.

   We constantly change the coffee origins, with long-sought varieties and obtained from various family farms and from communities dedicated to coffee plantations. You can feel the joy (and the coffee smell), every single time a new origin comes into our roastery. Through our always changing origins, we’re taking you into a specialty grade coffee journey. 

How fresh is the coffee and where do you roast it?

We roast every morning in our Meron Roastery Lab from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. We roast for the online shop, for our locations and each batch of coffee for the Yellow Box is roasted to order and shipped to you perfectly rested for you to enjoy it.

How much coffee comes in each bag?

Our bags contain 250g, 500g and 1000g of beans.

Do you ship to Europe?

We ship all over Europe. We can establish the price for every country, depending on the shipping partner we work with. For details about the delivery costs, send an email to our colleagues from the sales department at orders@meron.coffee.

How do you roast the coffee?

We chose our roasting style in order to highlight the particularities of each coffee origin. Because of this, we are in a medium towards light area and that means that our coffees work with any brewer, including espresso.

What’s the difference between Meron and Kune?

Both Meron and Kune are freshly roasted specialty coffee. The roasting style is what differentiates Meron from Kune. Meron coffees are roasted in a medium towards light area, that means the coffees work can be used with any brewing method, or a light area, for the origins roasted especially for filter methods. Either it is Blend, Origin or Decaf, Kune has a medium roasting style with excellent results on full automatic espresso machines, ibrik or moka pot.

How do I brew coffee at home?

For this, we have created #HomeBaristaSeries on youtube. It's a video guide of how you can obtain a great brew, aeropress, espresso or french press. Find them here.

If you need any help in improving your recipe, we offer consultancy every day from Monday to Friday. Just give us a call at +4 0372 903 388 or write us at orders@meron.coffee


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