Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have you got any questions? Here are some answers that might help you:

Where are you currently getting your coffee from?

Currently, Meron chooses to enrich the variety of coffees with many origins from different regions around the world: Rwanda, Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica and many others.

We are constantly adding new origins, long sought after and sourced from diverse family farms and dedicated communities.

Tasting our ever-changing origins, join us on a journey into the world of specialty coffee.

How fresh is the coffee and where do you roast it?

We roast the coffee beans every morning in our roastery, Meron Roastery in Florești, Cluj, Transylvania, both for the online store and for our locations, and every batch of coffee for Yellow Box is roasted to order and delivered in the shortest possible time.

How much coffee comes in each bag?

Our bags contain 40g, 200g, 250g, 500g or 1000g of coffee beans, depending on the ordered coffee quantity.

Do you ship internationally?

We usually ship to the European Union countries.

We can also establish the delivery price for countries outside the EU, depending on the transport partner we work with, but to request a price offer in this regard, it is necessary to contact us by email at

For details on delivery and costs, visit the Shipping page (click here).

How do you roast the coffee?

We have developed custom roasting profiles to highlight the particularities of each coffee origin. For this reason, we are in a medium to light zone, suitable for all preparation methods.

What’s the difference between Meron and Kune?

Both Meron and Kune are freshly roasted specialty coffees.

The roasting style is what differentiates Meron from Kune. Meron coffees are roasted in a medium-light zone, which means that they are suitable for any preparation method, or in a light zone, for origins dedicated exclusively to the manual filter.

While Kune, whether Blend, Origin or Decaf, has a medium roast with excellent results on fully automatic espresso machines, kettle or moka pot.

How do I brew coffee at home?

For you we created the #HomeBaristaSeries on YouTube (click here). It's a video guide on how to get great manual filter, aeropress, espresso or french press coffee.

If you need help improving your recipe, we can help if you write to us at